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Increasingly stats are becoming an important part of multiplayers games -- to frag a person is becoming less important than having that frag recorded. The old approach of log parsing is simply no longer an adequate solution. As interest in stats increase, the need for a more real-time presentation is required. Data from multiple sources must often be culled. In the end, the capability must exist to record the exact progression of a round, from start to finish. The capability must exist to interact with these stats, for as the experiment has shown, interaction with statistics can drastically change the nature of gameplay. Enter XStab.

XStab is the descendant of WStab, which in turn was descended from PotBot and WAB -- at least in idea. The codebase for each of these projects has always been isolated and separate. XStab is not just the next generation RTCW gaming bot, however -- XStab has been designed to be game agnostic. XStab is modular in every way, reducing the ammount of effort required to port it to additional games. XStab was written not only with RTCW in mind, but knowing Doom3 would eventually be out, and knowing a gaming bot would be useful for it as well. XStab was written knowning a CS XStab would be desired, or perhaps even a Q3 XStab.

From a performance point of view, XStab is the third iteration in understanding how various gaming components work. XStab includes its own internal priority messaging system designed to make the bot as responsive as possible. XStab is infinitely customizable given its modular nature -- best of all, custom modules do not touch the core codebase, thus do not interfere with upgrades.

In short, XStab will change the way you think about statistical and administrative gaming bots. Beyond a niche existance -- beyond a simple curiosity -- these bots are now well-understood members of the gaming community. XStab was not built as an experiment -- it was built to be a production-ready gaming monster. And if it had a mouth, you can be sure it would be grinning evily even as we speak... Logo